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Sponsoring deRSE23 is the ideal opportunity to present products and services to the young and growing research software community in Germany.  The deRSE23 conference is the only conference of its kind in Germany. The successful RSE conferences of the past years in Great Britain ( serve as a model, where sponsors have the opportunity to present suitable offers, relevant solutions and products for the work of RSEs and to enter into dialogue with RSEs and software development groups in science.

Why sponsor deRSE23?

Together with the RSEs, decision-makers and research funders active in the community, sponsors enable the further development and strengthening of the RSE community in Germany.  Supporting the conference gives sponsors access to a target group that has a decisive influence on the use of tools and services in science and research.

Sponsors have the opportunity to get involved directly in the German RSE community and to connect to the international RSE community through international cooperation.

In addition, sponsors help to promote the job description of the research software engineer in Germany and internationally, to impart skills and best practices, to promote a network and to prepare everyone involved for the growing importance of software in research. Sponsors enable a heterogeneous and broad participation of RSEs at the conference, since the registration fees can be kept low through the financial support.

For the deRSE23 conference, we are expecting 200 participants with a colorful mix of research software engineers and decision-makers, research funders, research scientists and early career researchers.

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If you have questions about the sponsoring or would like to become a sponsor for the deRSE23 conference, please get in touch with the Sponsorship Chairs, Shashank or Claire.

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