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The third conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany is a primarily in-person conference; after looking into the live-streaming options we made the decision to not offer any online interactive component.

We realize that we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which may mean individuals have restrictions on travel and different levels of comfort. We understand that this will affect your decision and ability to travel and attend the conference. Furthermore, the conference is subject to local legal requirements. Therefore, we cannot yet make final statements about the specific regulations that the conference will be subject to.

The conference organisers will not be asking delegates to wear a mask but we would recommend that delegates think about wearing a mask when in large groups like the keynote plenary auditorium. Individuals can make their own decisions about whether or not to wear a mask. Thank you in advance for fostering a non-judgmental conference environment in which people’s individual choice to wear a mask or not is honoured.  We ask that all delegates be respectful of others wearing or not wearing a mask and everyone’s personal space.

We would suggest that you bring your own hand sanitizer and masks. Some may be available in some venues but we can’t guarantee that both will be available everywhere at all times.

The conference organisers will not be requiring proof of vaccination from delegates. However, the venue (Heinz Nixdorf Forum) follows a “2G”-Rule. Therefore, you need to be vaccinated or recovered to take part in the conference. Therefore, please bring a suited proof of your vaccination or recovery (e.g. in your Corona-Warn-App or as a printed QR-Code).

The conference organisers will not be requiring or providing on-site testing. If you have any LFT tests at home, we would recommend that you bring a test with you for personal use if needed and we would recommend that you test before attending the conference to be sure not to pass on COVID to other delegates.

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